Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Imagine Main Street ART Bench Project

Every  year I see something different done to the decor of the downtown of the city I live in. This year it was two ART projects brought by Imagine Main Street: 1) ART Bench Project 2) Runners ART Parade. Very innovative and interesting art work from some really talented artists.

Here are a few works of art that I came across in the ART Bench Project category, starting with my favorite.

Stop and Sit a Spell by Christine Kurmaskie


Sit Here on Purpose by Ellen Dougan Incidentally someone was actually sitting there and having a conversation with himself or someone invisible that only he could see.


Your Move by Chris Huestis and Jordan Smith Can you see the kids waiting to play?


iSpy by Emily Martin And there is my city.


Silk Sitting by Karen Yarosh and Paula Viscogliosi


I dont know the name of this piece...forgot to take a look at the name. :( But this is very colorful and happy looking.


I also came across this bench that was decorated with wall paper, ofcourse most of it was peeling off. No name written so i am guessing this was a prank or someone's joke. :P


That's it...that's the bench project. Next up, Runners ART Parade. :)

Tags: artwork, events

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