Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Tri–Color Idli

This year for Independence Day I made tri–color idli to celebrate the event. I am so pleased with myself.



Six big ladles of Idili Batter
1 Tomato
1 Red Chili
½ cup Cilantro
1 small Green Chili
A little Ghee
A little Oil

1)      Divide the Idli Batter into three parts (two ladles per part)
2)      For Orange Color: Chop Tomato into chunks. Sauté the Tomato along with Red Chili for a few minutes in a little oil to eliminate the raw taste. Once it cools grind it into a smooth paste. Mix this with one portion of the batter.
3)      For Green Color: Chop the Cilantro into small pieces. Sauté it a little along with the Green Chili and  a little oil. Once it cools grind it into a smooth paste. Mix this with the second portion of the batter.
4)      Now in one tray of the Idli molds, fill with the Tomato paste filled batter. In the second tray fill it with Cilantro paste filled batter. In the third tray fill it with the regular batter.
5)      Steam cook them for 15 minutes. Cool and remove from the molds.
6)      Arrange them in the form of the flag. I used a flower for the center Chakra. Voila! Tri–color Idli is ready to admire first and then eat next!!! J
Tags: events, kitchen fun, tiffins

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