Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Cruisin' on the Main Street – Part I

This past weekend we had a vintage / antique car show on the Main St of our town. Last time I went to such a show was back when I was in Milwaukee and it was a smaller set of cars than what I saw here. Surprisingly though there were many Fords, Dodges and Chevrolets.

Here are a few sights from the same:

A 1932 Ford Pickup. What charmed me about this was the tyres...simply cool.



This Ford car was all flames inside out...and also came with a little spider on top of the hood. :)



A 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner; definitely giving the real roadrunner run for its money.


Saw these ladies dancing to the old tunes being played at every few tents...some real classics were being played.


I took the picture of this Cutlass only because it was in yellow color. Later I realized that the common colors were Red, Yellow and Black. :) This is a 1970 Olds Cutlass.


This is not a real dog tied to the car...although it looked so real.


Then there was this haunted camper too. I have yet to check the website to see what this is about.


Another yellow 1970 Ford Cobra; the cobra is really explicit.


This jeep is bright and not only comes with some unique interiors but also with the head of the driver, perhaps. :P



Check out the gadgets inside...how cool is it. Forgot to mention, this is a 1952 Jeep / Wyllis.


A jaguar with a toy jaguar on the top.



Check out this 1954 Ford model Christine Victoria. Look on the left side window it has a little catch for those drivein foods. :)



Check the back of this car. Has a seat for those last minute additions on the trip or perhaps designed based on old fashioned chariots. :)



This is a 1930 Ford Model A and is 100% steel per the note on the car. This comes with an in-dash camera for forward looking camera that is mounted on the grill. How cool is this! Although I dont understand why would they need a forward looking camera when they can already see through the window in front.



Finally I wonder how this car ever could drive with such a low base. I forgot to capture what is this car though.


Well, thats it for now. More to come in my next posts...keep watching...there are quite a few interesting ones still left out. :)

Tags: life thru the eye of my lens, vehicles

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