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Ocean's 11

This 1960 classic movie was the original Oceans movie that starred five of the Rat Packers; Peter Lawford, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Joey Bishop. This paved way for the Oceans Eleven created in 2001 and its subsequent sequels Oceans Twelve (2004) and Oceans Thirteen (2007).

The story is about the eleven men belonging to World War II 82nd Airborne who are recruited by Danny Ocean (portrayed by Frank Sinatra) and Jimmy Foster (portrayed by Peter Lawford) to rob the five casinos of Las Vegas ((Sahara, Riviera, Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn, Sands and the Flamingo) on New Year's Eve. They plan this whole heist with military precision ensuring to dot every "i" and cross every "t".

On New Year's eve with the expert rewiring done by the electrician, Tony (portrayed by Richard Conte) in their group cause the electric tower to blow up, giving them opportunity to rob the casinos and dump them into hotel dumpster. They get picked by Josh Howard (portrayed by Sammy Davis, Jr.). All seems to be going according to the plan. However, right around the time when they are cheering each other, Tony dies of a heart attack while he's getting back to the gang. This raises suspicion in the police's mind which comes as first hurdle to the gang.

While they are figuring out how to not get tangled with Tony's death, Duke Santos (portrayed by Cesar Romero) who is engaged to Jimmy Foster's mother and holidaying in Vegas learns of the heist. Santos being a retired and reformed gangster gets upset that someone planned this heist and got away with it right when under his nose. So, he meets with the casino owners, promises them to recover their money but for a price.

Santos getting involved becomes the second hurdle to the gang.In his investigation to find where the money is, he finds out Danny Ocean and Jimmy Foster being in Vegas. He figures out the entire plan when he learns that Tony Bergdorf belonged to the 82nd Airborne. Duke Santos then confronts the gang demanding a 50% share of the robbed money.

Desperate to keep the money for themselves they decide to hide the money in Tony's casket so when Tony's wife comes to take it the money would go back with her. This would enable them to escape paying Santos and at the same time give them a chance to dig it out of Tony's grave later. However, their final and real trouble was about to unveil.

Their plan backfires again when the funeral director who was responsible to handover Tony's body to his wife suggests her that a cremation would be a better option. Tony's wife agrees unaware that there is a loot hidden in the casket. The closing scene of the movie shows all the remaining gang members walking out of the funeral home, behind them the marquee at Sands Hotel list their names as headliners.

That is a shorter synopsis of a very enjoyable movie. It amused me
thoroughly and the Rat Packers charmed me all over again. A successfully plotted heist went down the drain only because of a split of a moment decision by someone who was not connected directly to the heist. How ironic can it get! Every single frame of the movie was worth watching without blinking your eye. Believe me, you don't want to blink your eye. **A happy laugh**

If you get a chance do watch it.
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