Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Quinoa Pongal Stuffed Roti

Today was left-overs day for me in my magical place, the Kitchen. Left-over Quinoa Pongal and Wheat-Flour Dough made today's cut for me to experiment in creating a delicacy for my dinner. I used the traditional way of stuffing a Roti (Indian Bread) this time along. Turned out to be a pretty good experiment, as always! **Smug Grin**

Step 1: Normally I make the dough fresh. Mix Wheat Flour, Salt per taste and Water as required into a semi-soft dough. However, today I used the dough that I already had made and stored in the fridge.

Step 2: I made small balls of the dough. Rolled it with a rolling pin into a small flat circle.


Step 3: I had this Quinoa Pongal (Check Recipe
here) from two days ago that I had made. I made small balls of it and placed it in the center of the small Roti.


Step 4: Then fold the Roti around the ball of Quinoa Pongal to close it on all sides.


Step 5: Roll it evenly into a thin Roti. Heat it on a tava alternating till it is cooked on both sides.


Step 6: Serve it with Curd, Raita, any gravy Curry, Pickle or Chutney Powder. I served it with a cup of Curd (Yogurt) sprinkled with home-made Curry Leaf Powder.


prashanthchengi and deponti: Will this go well with your Brinjal curry? **Happy Grin**
Tags: breads, kitchen fun

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