Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Green Papaya Curry stuffed Roti (Indian Bread)

Another delicacy with left-over curry from my very own kitchen. I had left-over Green Papaya Curry that I was bored to eat for two continous meals. So, what do I do. Mix it with Wheat Flour and voila! There is my stuffed roti for dinner.



1) In a blender, grind 1 cup of left over Green Papaya Curry into a rough paste. Just two a quick two rounds of blender, stop after two rounds and that coarser should be enough for the stuffing.
2) In a large bowl, pour the ground curry mixture, a pinch of Salt, a little bit of Red Chili Powder and 2 cups of Wheat Flour. I used Durrum Atta that we get in Indian Stores.
3) Mix all the ingredients well. Add enough Water and knead it into a soft dough.
4) Now make the dough into small golf ball size balls. Roll each into a flat Roti / Tortilla.
5) Heat a flat large pan. Shallow fry the Roti on both sides.
6) You can smear a thin layer of butter on either side of the Roti before serving. However I prefer mine warm without butter.
7) Serve with Curd or Pickle or Raita.
Tags: breads, kitchen fun

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