Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Dish-A-Day: 10/30/2012 - Double Ka Meetha

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10/30/2012: Double Ka Meetha - This is one of the desserts that is so easy to make, yet I make it rarely because it involves Bread and Bread is the least favorite item for me in my Kitchen. **Crooked grin** However, I made it one day just cause I remembered the sweet from my childhood when I used to sneak to my aunt's home next door to eat morsels and morsels of this sweet.

10302012 - Double Ka Meetha


1) Roast the bread slices (edges cut off if desired) in Ghee until they turn brown on both sides. Arrange them in a baking pan or any flat pan.
2) Mix sugar and water in a sauce pan. Heat and make sugar syrup out of it.
3) Boil milk with cardamom powder for few minutes. Keep aside.
4) Now, roast the raisins and peacons in Ghee and sprinkle over the bread slices.
5) Then pour sugar syrup, milk evenly over bread slices.
6) Serve it hot or chilled, either way it's irresistible till the last bite.
Tags: desserts, dish-a-day, kitchen fun

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