Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Dish-A-Day: 10/05/2012 - Bitter Gourd Juice

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10/05/2012: Bitter Gourd Juice - The second of the different array of juices from the Indian Grocery store was this Bitter Gourd Juice. As the name suggests, Bitter Gourd is a very bitter vegetable. And that made me wonder how bitter the juice would be. However, I love this vegetable a lot so bought the juice for trying out. As advertised it wasnt very bitter...a little bitter and a little tart like any Ayurvedic medicine, easy to take it in without crunching one's face. He he he. Other than purifying the blood, there are tons of benefits from this vegetable which are listed in detail here. If you happen to come across this juice, do try it out.

10052012 - Bitter Gourd Juice
Tags: dish-a-day, drinks, kitchen fun

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