Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Dish-A-Day: 09/16/2012 - Fresh Dates

Prologue: Go here.

09/16/2012: Fresh Dates - Found them in the usual grocery store that I go to one day. First I had no idea what to do with them. But then I thought why not try to see what I can do with them, so bought a small bunch. After browsing thru internet as well as talking to a few friends, I decided to simply boil them and eat them. **evil grin**

09162012 - Fresh Dates

1) Peel the dates gently so you remove only the top most layer.
2) Boil them in Water until they change color or become semi-transparent.
3) Cut into half and remove the pit
4) Slice the halves to thin vertical pieces.
5) Eat them as is or use them to garnish on any dishes you make.
Tags: desserts, dish-a-day, kitchen fun

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