Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Dish-A-Day: 09/09/2012 - Barley Urad Dosa

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09/09/2012: Barley Urad Dosa - Came across this recipe when I was trying to see what other items I can make with Barley. Preparation time is lengthy, but I must say, be patient for a tasty result.

09092012 - Barley Urad Dosa


1) Soak one cup of Barley, one cup of Rice and one cup of Urad Dal over night or at least for 8 hrs.
2) In a blender, make a smooth paste of Urad Dal first. Pour it into a mixing bowl.
3) Now make the paste of Rice and Barley together. Pour it into the mixing bowl.
4) Add salt and keep it in a warm place for approx 8 hrs.
5) When the batter raises a little, gently mix it. Add water if necessary.
6) Take a ladle full of the batter, pour it on a tava.
7) Pour Oil on all sides and heat on low flame.
8) Turn it around gently and heat on the other side too.
9) Remove from flame when both sides are lightly brown.
10) Serve with any Chutney, Pickle or Powder.
Tags: dish-a-day, kitchen fun, tiffins

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