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09/07/2012: Lauki Ka Kheer (Sorakaya Payasam / Bottle Gourd Sweet) - In mood for making sweet again got me racking my brains to see what I can make. 1/2 a Bottle Gourd was in the refrigerator. So, thought why not make a sweet out of it. First instinct was to crush it into tiny pieces...but then I simply grated it and made it into a sweet similar to Carrot Kheer. Later when I checked online, there was indeed a recipe for Bottle Gourd Sweet too. Well mine was simpler. :P

09072012 - Lauki Ka Kheer


1) Peel and grate 1/2 medium sized Bottle Gourd.
2) In a pan, heat 1 tsp of Ghee. Saute grated Bottle Gourd till it turns a little brown. Remove from flame and keep the contents aside in a bowl.
3) In a sauce pan, heat 2 cups of Milk. When it comes to boiling, add sauted Bottle Gourd, Sugar per taste and 2 tbsps of Milk Powder.
4) Stir well and simmer on low flame until the content becomes thick in consistency.
5) Remove from flame into a bowl. Garnish with a few strands of Saffron


  • I used Milk Powder because I did not have Milk Maid or Condensed Milk. If you have them use them instead.

  • Also I did not use Cardamom Powder as it tends to dominate the smell of Bottle Gourd. I like this sweet without Cardamom Powder. You could add if you want to.

  • For Garnishing, you can use Cashew Nuts and Pista for added zing. I did not have either that day when I made this sweet.

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