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Dish-A-Day: 08/29/2012 - Happy Onam!

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08/29/2012: Happy Onam! - This year for Onam I made Rice Pudding to celebrate this festival along with my Malayalee friends that I have made this year.

08292012 - Rice Pudding for Onam


1) Cook 1 Cup of Rice with 2 cups of Water. It would make a better sweet if the Rice is over-cooked.
2) In a pan heat 1 tsp of Ghee and fry Cashew nuts. Keep them aside. I dont like Raisins so did not fry them. If you like Raisins, go ahead and fry them too.
3) In a sauce pan, Pour 1/2 cup Milk and Cooked Rice. Stir well so there are no lumps.
4) Add Sugar per taste, and keep stirring so the bottom of the pan does not get burnt.
5) Now add 1/4 cup of fried Coconut Powder. If it is fresh, fry it a little. If it is dry, which is what I used, you dont need to fry it.
6) Let the contents cook till the mixture becomes thick.
7) Remove from flame. Garnish with Cardamom Powder and fried CashewNuts.
8) Serve warm or cold as an appealing dessert.
Tags: desserts, dish-a-day, festivals, kitchen fun
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