Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Dish-A-Day: 08/05/2012 - Sweet Paan / Meetha Paan

Prologue: Go here.

08/05/2012: Sweet Paan / Meetha Paan - Sweet Paan is my favorite closure for any lunch or dinner. It is a common delicacy in India which is a concoction made out of Betel Leaves, Flavored Sweet Paan Supari Masala, Gulkhand and Coconut Powder. Some use many other variations of ingredients to create this delicacy. I do not know what was used here since I bought it at Woodlands Restaurant, however, it was still as yummy as ever.

here for Wiki entry for Paan

08052012 - Paan that closed the lunch at Woodlands Mysore in NJ enroute to Winery trup
Tags: desserts, dish-a-day, kitchen fun

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