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Dish-A-Day: 08/02/2012 - Barley Bisi Bele Bath

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08/02/2012: Barley Bisi Bele Bath - Trying new concoctions in my little kitchen is one way I destress myself. One of the experiments that surprisingly tirned yummy was Bisi Bele Bath with Barley. Bisi Bele Bath meaning Hot Rice with Dal, is my favorite dish from Karnataka. I used to joke about it as "Sambar Rice". **wicked Grin**. Well, I love Sambar so love Sambar Rice too. And thus the new concoction, Bisi Bele Bath with Barley (Note: No rice).

08022012 - Barley Bisi Bele Bath


1) In a pressure cooker, heat a tsp of Oil. Add 1 small Onion chopped finely, 1 small Tomato chopped finely and some Carrots and Peas. Stir well.
2) Add 1 cup Toor Dal, 1 cup Barley and stir a litte.
3) Add a pinch of Turmeric Powder, 1 tsp of Coriander Powder, 1 tsp of Red Chili Powder, 1 tsp of Bisi Bele Bath Powder and stir.
4) Add 6 cups of Water (Barley needs a lot of water to cook well), 1/2 a cup of Tamarind Water and pressure cook until you get 5 whistles.
5) Once cooled, add Salt per taste, mix and pour the contents to a serving bowl.
6) Temper it with seasonings and garnish with Cilantro Leaves before serving. Serve hot for better taste.
Tags: dish-a-day, kitchen fun, rice specials

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