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Dish-A-Day: 06/23/2012 - Potlakaya Payasam / Snake Gourd Dessert

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06/23/2012: Potlakaya Payasam / Snake Gourd Dessert - This is one dish that was a surprise to me when I heard about it. A quick hand-me-down-via-mouth recipe from a friend's mom during a party is what I used to get this sweet completed. Although it looked intriguing I have to say I haven't relished it as much. May be one of you people might like it, who knows! :)


1) Cut the Potlakaya (A medium sized) into bite size oeices and microwave them a little to soften up.
2) Dry fry one cup rice till it turns semi-brown. Soak it in water for an hour and grind it into fine paste with water.
3) In a small pan, heat 1/4 tsp of Ghee and fry few Cashewnuts and some Raisins. Keep them aside.
4) In a pan, heat 1 tsp of Ghee. Add the cooked Potlakaya pieces and fry them a little.
5) In a bowl mix 1 cup Milk and the ground Rice Paste.
6) Mix this into the fried Potlakaya pieces while stirring well. Ensure that there are no lumps in the mixture.
7) Add 1 cup Sugar or as much as you feel enough to get the sweetness. Mix well.
8) Once all is mixed well, pour the contents into a bowl.
9) Garnish with fried Cashew and Raisins. Serve warm.
Tags: desserts, dish-a-day, kitchen fun

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