Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Dish-A-Day: 06/21/2012 - Happy Summer Solstice

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06/21/2012: Happy Summer Solstice - Celebrate the start of Summer with this delicious Minted Green Pea and Butter Milk Soup. I came across this in a restaurant then searched on google for the recipe. Easy to make and healthy enough to have it for lunch.

06212012 - Minted Green Pean and ButterMilk Soup


1) In a sauce pan, heat 1 tsp Oil. Add 1/2 a medium Onion finely diced.
2) Saute till Onions are soft. Add 1 cup Green Peas (Fresh is advisable but I used Frozen), few sprigs of Fresh Mint and Cilantro.
3) Add 3 cups of vegetable Broth and stir well. Bring it to a boil.
4) Simmer on low flame and cook covered for 20 minutes.
5) Remove from flame, cool and blend into a smooth paste.
6) Use a sieve to filter out the pea fibres from the paste.
7) Add a cup of Buttermilk, Salt and Pepper per your taste to the strained soup.
8) Mix well, garnish with a sprig of Mint and serve chilled.
Tags: dish-a-day, kitchen fun, soups

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