Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Dish-A-Day: 04/08/2012 - Oats Pongal

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04/08/2012: Oats Pongal - Never knew one could make so many dishes with simple Oats. The first of the recipes I posted a few days ago. This is the second one I tried out. Same procedure as regular Pongal but use Oats instead of Rice. Simple, yummy and healthy!
Procedure: In a pressure pan, heat Oil. Then fry 1tsp of Mustard Seeds and 1 tsp of Cumin Seeds. Add 3 medium finely chopped Green Chillis, a tsp of grated of Ginger, few Curry Leaves, a pinch of Turmeric, 6 to 8 Peppercorns and few sprigs of Cilantro. Fry all for a few seconds. Now add 1 Cup of Oats (non-flavored Quaker Oats is what I used), fry till Oats are slightly brown. Add 1/4 Cup soaked Pesarapappu / Split Moong Dal, fry little. Add 3 cups of Water and Salt. Pressure Cook the contents. Serve hot or cold with Curd, Chutney or any Curry.

Tags: dish-a-day, entrees, kitchen fun, oats, rice specials

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