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Dish-A-Day: 01/02/2012 - Mixed Fruit Milk Shake

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I usually am lazy in many ways. And one of the thing I am lazy about is eating fruit. Well, not eating as such...more to the process of cutting the fruit and eating it. If I can just pop them in or peel them and swallow or just bite into them, that is fine. But to cut them, remove the seeds or skin then eat it..well that is a whole different ball game. I wonder how I am so reluctant with fruit when I can peel, dice and cut veggies. Yet, I make Milk Shakes. Amazing! **evil grin** Oh well, here we go, recipe for my own concoction-ed mixed fruit shake.

Fruit - 1 each of two kind (In the picture shown I used one Red Delicious Apple and one California Orange)
Sugar - per your taste
Milk - 3/4 glass
Water - 1/2 glass
Cardamoms - few for taste

1) Cut the fruit to big chunks
2) Put all of them in a blender.
3) Blend them thoroughly
4) Filter thru a sieve to eliminate any unwanted matter.
5) Serve chilled.
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