Aparna (inspirethoughts) wrote,

Zucchini Potato Masala Curry

My new experiment in kitchen again!! Never cooked Zucchini as a curry. Always cooked it as a Daal. So, thought today will try making it into a curry. Googled a little but since almost every recipe was similar...I cooked it again in my own way. Here's how I did:

1) Cut Zucchini, Onions and Potato into small cubes.
2) Add the Tarka into a little oil. Fry Onions along with cut Ginger and Garlic pieces.
3) After everything is fried well, add cut Zucchini. Fry it a little, then add cut Potato. Now put a lid on it.
4) Zucchini yields a lot of water, so keep frying in between. Also lid should not be kept for a long time. Just until the veggies get semi-cooked. Remove the lid then.
5) Now add Red Chilli Powder, Salt and a little Dhaniya-Jeera Powder. A pinch of Sugar to add the slight sweet tang to it.
6) Fry well. Let the whole curry cook well.
7) Now garnish with Coconut Powder and Coriander, mix once, remove from flame.
8) Serve hot with Rice or Roti.

I served with rice today. Did come out ok. Not as good as my other experiments. However, tasteful though!! ;)

Tags: curry, kitchen fun

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