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April month is National Poetry Month. I did not know that until I came across it in B&N. To celebrate this event, here are a few snippets of my shayari in Hindi.

A friend of mine and I had this mushayara (back and forth quoting of verses of your own like question and answers) started a while ago accidentally. It is still continuing, but here are a few from us.

First set:

Zindagi Roz Jalaati Hain, Ummeedon Ke Chiraag
Aap Aate Hi Naheen, Raat Guzar Jaati Hai

Na Roko Mujhe; Yaar Ke Ghar Jaane Do
Uske dar par dum nikle to nikle
Parvana hoon shamma mein mit jaane do

Second Set:

Laakh Chupaao Tum, Dil Ki Raaz Humse
Akhiyan Bole, Honth Jo Na Kehvaaye Tumse

Naino ki mat Maaniyao re
Naino ki mat Suniyo
Naina thag lenge, Naina thag lenge

Jab Ruki Ho Saans Teri, Thame Jo Kadam
Thago Jitna Bhi Tum Nayan Apne
Bin Bole Hi Bol Gaye Sab Kuch Tum

Tanhayee ke Andheron Mein Chupti hai Dil ki baat
Kashmakash ke dhund mein Sapne Sanjoya nahin karte

Sapno Mein Jeena, Ab Nahin Hamari Aadat
Haqeeqat Ko Gale Lagakar, Chalna Hai Tumhaare Saath

Itihaas mein kisse hai, Aashiquon ke fanaa
Saath Jeene marne ke Jazbe ko, Deewangi kehte hai

There's more from where this comes, this is enough for now. He is really good and am learning a lot from him on how to write better lines. Once or twice it crossed my mind to take course on how to write poetry too. :)
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