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An act of humanity...

While we were driving home today, we were nearing the exit to our home when this incident happened. It obviously had snowed little over 4 inches today, and as usual the roads of CT weren't cleaned efficiently. It's surprising though considering its gonna be freezing rain all day tomorrow, I wondered why the roads hadn't been cleaned. And the exit and entry ramps were particularly badly cleaned. If you don't have a particularly good car, it would get stuck in the lumps of snow collected around the exits and entry-ways.

That exactly what happened to this poor man's car right at our exit on I-84 E. He was trying to remove the snow around his car with a small shovel. We pulled by his side and asked if he needed help to which he gladly accepted. We pulled a little ahead of him so we would not block the exit furthermore. As my friends, G and S were trying to get down, we saw a snow plowing truck approaching. I had expected he would help the car guy. To my astonishment, he paused, and then just drove-off.

So, my friends got down, G took the shovel from the man's hand and S took the shovel from our car and both cleaned out the snow around the car's front tires. A struggle of 5 mins brought the car out of the sticky snow.  After thank yous and good byes, G and S were back in the car and we drove off. G commented that the man looked much much older up close than he was from inside of a car. Plus, he had his wife, perhaps, in the car too. I cheered my friends and we drove back safely to our respective homes.

It's only a small act. Yet! Kudos to my two good friends, G and S!

What still bothers me is why didn't the snow plowing truck stop and help?



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Feb. 2nd, 2011 09:39 am (UTC)
Maybe he saw that some help from you would be enough and decided to go on to help people worse off....
Feb. 2nd, 2011 02:07 pm (UTC)
Many/most snowplow trucks are privately owned and he probably was on his way to some place where he can get paid to plow - it's not often that the snow plows get this much business.
Actually I have never seen a snowplow stop to help - yes I have had them whoosh past as i drive and stack up feet full of salt and snow in my driveway just as soon as the driveway has been cleared ...
I'm also guessing - the snowplow man assumes AAA need some business too hence he just drove on ...
Feb. 3rd, 2011 02:13 am (UTC)
Good on those blokes!
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