June 17th, 2021


Book Critique: Leopard's Rage (Leopard People # 13)

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: Shape-shifting Leopards, Mobsters and Love - A weird combination right? Well, it's worth reading on those lazy days or to bring you out of any kind of dull mood. Although there is a slight drag in this plot.

Leopard's Rage is the thirteenth installment the Leopard People Series by Christine Feehan published in November of 2020. The central plot revolves around Sevastyan Amurov - an Amur leopard, cousin and Head of Security for Mitya Amurov - and Flambe Carver - landscaper artist & a strawberry leopard shifter.

Leopard People Series focuses on a shape-shifter species who can shape-shift to leopards. Each plot covers one couple that are destined to be mated in this lifetime just like so many lifetimes in the past. And surrounding this couple the plot expands, their advantages, their perils and how their lives move along. They are either set in Borneo Rain Forest - coast of South East Asia - or in Louisiana and Texas in USA or eventually lead there. Coming from hard and cruel lairs, these leopards come out on their own, find their mates, infiltrate the mobs and acquire the territories taking over them.

In Leopard's Wrath, we see the character of Sevastyan grow larger than previous books. So I had a feeling that her next book would center around him. True to my notion, Christine stuck to the Amurov Leopards, and gives us Sevastyan's story.

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