June 16th, 2021


Movie Critique – Julie

Stars: 2 / 5

Recommendation: With a plot bouncing like a ping pong ball, it is amazing how the lead cast acted so well. It does provide realism, along with fiction and mystery. Sadly there were so many disconnects that the film throws the viewer off their seat many times.

Julie is a 1956 American film noir written and directed by Andrew L. Stone; a debut production by Martin Melcher. The film starred Doris Day, Louis Jourdan, Frank Lovejoy, Barry Sullivan, Jack Kelly, Ann Robinson and others. Film was released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Julie Benton (portrayed by Doris Day) is terrified by the jealousy of her second husband Lyle (portrayed by Louis Jourdan); and confirmed further by suspicions on her first husband's death by her friend Cliff Henderson (portrayed by Barry Sullivan). The nightmare for Julie begins which turns into a life and death terror not only for her but for all the patrons on the airplane where she is working as a stewardess.

The title Julie reminded me of the 1975 Hindi Indian language romantic drama film Julie. And that's why I ended up watching. But both films are as far apart as the north and south pole, in the story line, genre and the plot in general. 

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