June 8th, 2021


Book Critique – Perry Mason in The Case of Too Many Murders

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: With times changing, it can be accepted this changed Perry Mason novel. A good mystery filled with twists and turns keeping us on toes, with added explanation, it is still a decent read and  leaving us with familiar sense. 

The Case of Too Many Murders was a Perry Mason book written by Thomas Chastain based on the characters created by Erle Stanley Gardner first published in 1989. The plot is set a few years after the last book of Perry Mason written by Erle Stanley Gardner in 1973.

Gilbert Adrian shoots his dinner mate at a restaurant and rushes home only to be found murdered a half hour later. His wife, Laurel Adrian, is arrested on suspicion of murder. Perry Mason is tasked to defend her. However everything points to his client looking guilty. Now Mason has build a stronger defense than he ever had in this complicated and twisted mystery plot. 

Chastain took off from where Gardner left off, with a new spin, setting in locations current to 1989, I did expect a few changes to be seen. He retired Mason's private eye Paul Drake Sr. and has him working with Paul Drake Jr., Paul's son in the book. He still has Della Street, his trusted confidential secretary.

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