February 18th, 2021


Movie Critique - The Killer That Stalked New York

Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: Interesting mix of drama and film noir, at the same time giving a social public announcement to the viewers; the film brings a dead killer from past to the present creating a chaos and panic in the city.

The Killer That Stalked New York is a 1950 American film noir directed by Earl McEvoy, produced by Robert Cohn, and released by Columbia Pictures. It stars Evelyn Keyes, Charles Korvin and William Bishop in the lead among others. 

A husband-and-wife pair of smugglers - Sheila Bennet (portrayed by Evelyn Keyes), her husband Matt Krane (portrayed by Charles Korvin) - are carrying $50K worth of diamonds that they bring in from Cuba to New York City. They try to shake-off the Treasury agent, and in the process they almost cause an epidemic of small pox in the city.

The film was alternately released with the title Frightened City. The entire filming took place on location and shot in semi-documentary style. The plot was based on a story taken from 1948 Cosmopolitan magazine article titled "Smallpox, the Killer That Stalks New York" by Milton Lehman. It talks about a true case of a smallpox epidemic in the city of New York which had occurred in March of 1947 and ended in April of 1947, a month later. Screenplay for the film was written by Harry Essex. 

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