February 7th, 2021


Movie Critique - Bunny Lake is Missing

Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: All in all it makes for an unevenly made psychological thriller that towards the end makes you wonder how much a brain can manipulate and be manipulated. A haunting classic that definitely leaves a mark in you mind.

Bunny Lake is Missing is a 1965 British psychological thriller film directed and produced by Otto Preminger. It has Laurence Olivier, Carol Lynley, Keir Dullea and Martita Hunt in the lead cast among others. It was released by Columbia Pictures. 

Ann Lake (portrayed by Carol Lynley) arrives at her daughter's, Bunny Lake, pre-school to collect her, only to be told that there was no child by name Bunny Lake ever dropped at the school. No one at the school seem to remember the child, although everyone remembers Ann. Now Ann, with help of her brother Steven Lake (portrayed by Keir Dullea), starts to look for Bunny; and even call the police who send Superintendent Newhouse (portrayed by Lawrence Olivier) to investigate. 

The film is based on the 1957 novel of the same name by Merriam Model who wrote this book under her pen name Evelyn Piper. Screenplay was given by John and Penelope Mortimer, a husband-and-wife writing team. It was also filmed in black-and-white but in widescreen format in London, and takes place in a space of 24 hours. 

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