January 22nd, 2021


53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #50

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

One of the side-affects of all the cancer treatments, radiation and lumpectomy I went through was unable to move my body as freely and with no pain as I was able to do before. Cancer treatments added so much weight that my knees started to ache and sitting down was a real pain in the you know where. Then the lumpectomy created muscle scars in my left front shoulder area that made it really hard to lift my left arm above my shoulder or reach around to my back.

For a while there it was hard to even wear dresses as I couldn’t reach the zipper because of my left arm's limited mobility. It was heartbreaking for me and I felt so angry at what all that had happened to me. But with help of my mother, who taught me some much needed yoga moves; friends and family who motivated me to continue walking and running even if it is at a very slow pace; and the exercise videos from another friend of mine, Shashi, - all of them pushed me to my maximum limit and beyond thus beating this immobility as well.

So, here's me making a Swastikasana, posture emulating the Hindu Swastika symbol of divinity and spirituality. This spiral sitting posture was not easy to begin with, but with a lot of determined practice I could nail the posture as best as I could. It needs a lot more improvement though. And I am super happy where I landed for now.

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Book Critique – Isle of Dogs (Brazil - Hammer Series #3)

Stars: 2 / 5

My Recommendation: Comedy, Chaos and Crime all fighting to be on top in this supposed humorous attempt by Cornwell and fell so flat that neither of the three main lines shone through and everything was lost in translation. 

Isle of Dogs is the third book in the Brazil - Hammer Series by Patricia Cornwell first published in October of 2001. The plots in this series center around the various cases handled by Judy Hammer, Chief of Police, and Andy Brazil, a young reporter turned rookie cop, in North Carolina and Virginia.

A string of highway pirates are causing chaos and mayhem leaving behind a trail of bodies. Judy Hammer and Andy Brazil have their hands full in trying to investigate these cases and find the culprits. Now the governor of Virginia, Bedford Crimm IV, announces a new system to catch people speeding using aircraft flying, with the project piloting in the island of Tangier. Both Hammer and Brazil are caught in between the political fiasco and the public reaction to it, all the while trying to investigate the highway pirates. 

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