January 21st, 2021


Movie Critique - Cover-Up

Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: A cheerful and intelligent murder mystery set during the holidays, with very odd way of plotting the mystery. 

Cover-Up is a 1949 American mystery film noir starring Dennis O'Keefe, William Bendix and Barbara Britton. Directed by Alfred E. Green, Produced by Ted Nasser, the film plot is set during Christmas season. It was distributed by United Artists.

Insurance investigator Sam Donovan (portrayed by Dennis O'Keefe) arrives in a midwestern town, to investigate an apparent suicide of one Roger Philips, which he thinks is a murder. He doesn’t get help from anyone including the Sheriff Larry Best (portrayed by William Bendix). Sam gets attracted to a local girl, Anita Weatherby (portrayed by Barbara Britton), whom he meets in the process of investigation. And things only become more complicated.

When I read the synopsis of the film on the Turner Classic Movies (TCM) guide on TV, it reminded me of the old time radio show Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar which opened with the statement "the transcribed adventures of the man with the action-packed expense account – America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator". I wondered if it resembled the show and so I elected to watch it. Almost similar theme is seen in the movie as well.

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