January 15th, 2021


53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #49

For details on all the sarees I have posted so far, go here.

Do you remember the Alphabet Saree that I posted a couple weeks ago?. Originally that wasn’t part of my saree blog. What I had in my mind was a newspaper saree, which finally came to fruition couple weeks ago. 

When I first saw a photo of a lady who wore actual newspaper in the form of a saree I was wondering how I can do that. Concept wise yea, it was unique. But actually wearing a newspaper as cloth, hmm that's a whole new ball game. And then I found this newspaper print saree on a website that sells them from the state of Gujarat in India. Voila! A light bulb went and had my mother sent it to me, pronto!

This newspaper printed saree is again made of Mulmul Cotton Fabric, same as the alphabet saree I wore earlier. The news that is printed on the cloth is from all over the world - there was about Harry Potter, then about Charlie Chaplin, then some local Indian news, some about old time wanted posters and a large one Rupee (Indian currency) coin from 1965 printed on the pallu (= the part of saree that goes over the shoulder). 

I paired it with a red blouse that came along with the saree and tailor-stitched by my tailor in India. Accessorized with red bead and gold plated large chain and large earrings; black, red and white colored bangles with stones on my wrists; and a red and gold stone and bead chabi guccha (= fancy key ring that goes on your waist). 

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