September 13th, 2020


Book Critique - Drowning: a true story, a troubling experience

Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: A decent account of personal experiences, self-evaluation, and above all having an educated spiritual experience. Do not read it like a novel, read it as it is presented - as a diary.

Drowning: a true story, a troubling experience; is a personal account of the author, Joe Rosenbran, published in June of 2020. It details about the 10-day travel experience that Rosenbran had across the State of Israel.

If you have been following my book and movie reviews, you know by now that these kind of books I don’t usually pick. They end up on my list only when someone loans them to me to read hoping I would like them as much as they liked; or if they recommend and if something of that book catches my attention. And such is the case with this book as well.

Author Joe Rosenbran is my dear friend Patty's nephew. In the recent lot of books she loaned me, she had included this and had suggested I read it. And so here are my thoughts on the book. 

The book was presented in the form of diary entries, as is, from Rosenbran's personal diary entries that he made during his 2018 Birthright trip to Israel. He did add footnotes and end notes at several places, which actually helped someone like me who did not know a lot about their religion and customs. Despite that I had to take help of Google to understand a lot of terms. I am guessing it would be the same to anyone who would read Hindu terms or related to my culture in my posts. :)

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