September 8th, 2020


Movie Critique - My Secret Valentine

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: It is a charming movie, though neither Chabert and Walker are Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks or Margaret Sullivan and James Stewart. Yet, it entertains you enough to watch it, like it and have fun along.

My Secret Valentine is a 2018 Hallmark Channel original movie released as part of their Countdown to Valentine's Day special in February of 2018. It stars Lacey Chabert, Andrew W. Walker; Peter MacNeill and Cindy Sampson in the lead cast. Story written by Carrie Freedle, it's directed by Bradley Walsh and produced by David Anselmo. 

Chloe Grange (portrayed by Lace Chabert) comes back to her hometown for a holiday and gets surprised by the news that her father, Truman Grange (portrayed by Peter MacNeill), decided to retire and sell their winery to a box-wine company. Seth Anderson (portrayed by Andre W. Walker), the sales rep from the company, comes to town for the deal. Chloe and Seth start off their business meeting on a wrong foot. In the meanwhile, Chloe keeps receiving chalkboard notes from the tenant of their cabin. What follows is a fun and romantic story of falling in love, finding a middle ground with business and identifying what one needs for oneself.

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