August 6th, 2020


Movie Critique – Phantom Raiders

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Stars: 5 / 5

Recommendation: With no mystery it has been a rather fun going along plot where even the villain can be scared; the hero will bumble along; the heroines are simply delightful even if they don’t chose the hero; and the sidekick gets the final say in the end. 

Phantom Raiders is a 1940 film featuring Detective Nick Carter. This is the second of the three movies made with Walter Pidgeon as the famed detective. Pre-World War II jitters inspired Hollywood to create a new genre of film making, spy movies. Detective Nick Carter movies fall into the same category.

Keeping with the World War II tensions, in this film, Nick Carter (portrayed by Walter Pidgeon) comes across a plan to sabotage the Panama Canal while investigating for an insurance company on why their cargo ships were being exploded. With his sidekick, Bartholomew (portrayed by Donald Meek), Nick despite his reluctance to take on the case, he proceeds an investigation that takes him to murder and conspiracy. 

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