July 15th, 2020


Movie Critique – Adventures of Jane Arden

Stars: 4 / 5

Recommendation: Spunky, brave, and always after the truth, our girl reporter turned amateur sleuth finds her story in the end, despite coming close to losing her life.

Adventures of Jane Arden is a 1939 American crime film starring Rosella Towne in the titular role. She is supported by William Gargan, James Stephenson, Benny Rubin and others. 

Reported Jane Arden goes undercover to expose a gang of jewel thieves. However, her identity is revealed by one of the gang members; putting her life in peril; taking her from New York City to Bermuda to the lairs of the antagonists. 

Jane Arden was a long-running daily newspaper comic strip that ran from November, 1928 thru January, 1968. She was the original "spunky girl reporter" who seeks to expose criminal activities rather than just report them. Created by Mohte Barrett and Frank Ellis, she influenced the creation of Lois Lane, supporting character in the Superman series; and another comic stirp Brenda Starr, Reporter. 

The comic strip was adapted to a radio series which broadcasted from 1938 through 1939 with Ruth Yorke playing the titular role. However only one movie was made based on the comic strip, this 1939 version. Jane Arden wasn’t a huge hit in America, but remained a successful comic strip in Canada and Australia until 1968.

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