July 12th, 2020


Book Critique – Still Life (Gamache Series #1)

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Stars: 4 / 5

Recommendation: A murder set in a quaint village investigated by a pair of detectives, all the while unearthing hidden secrets of the locals and creating ripples in their calm pool. What else you need for a successful murder mystery?

Still Life is the first book in the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Series by Louise Penny first published in January of 2005. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is introduced here in his very first case of a suspicious death of a local prominent person in the village of Three Pines. This was also the debut novel for Penny which earned her several awards like New Blood Dagger Awards, Arthur Ellis Award, the Dilys Award, 2007 Anthony Award and the Barry Award.

The series revolves around Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Sûreté du Québec, the police force for Quebec, investigating secrets and shadows beneath the tranquil world of the village of Three Pines. He also unearths some of his own secrets, faces his own fears and exorcises some of his own ghosts, along the way. The series has won many acclaimed awards such as New Blood Dagger, multiple  Agatha Awards among others. A total of 16 books and 1 novella have been published so far beginning with Still Live in 2005, and the series still continues with the 16th book set to be released in September of this year.

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Movie Critique – Whistling in Dixie

Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: A slap stick comedy with wit, humor, mystery, lost gold and every body who comes across the protagonists is a suspect leading to a trail of mishaps, bloopers and twists. If only the repetitive comedy was a little less, it would have been more enjoyable.

Whistling in Dixies is a 1942 American crime comedy film starring Red Skelton as Wally "The Fox" Benton and Ann Rutherford as Carol Lambert. This is the second of the three films series starring these two. 

Wally Benton is a radio detective and an amateur crime solver. He solves the cases with help of his fiancée Carol Lambert. In this episode they venture into Georgia to help an old friend of Carol, Elamae Downs (portrayed by Diana Lewis) taking them from local mystery to hidden gold to traps to fights.

This is the first time I am watching any movie of either of the protagonists. The film is filled with all the funny bloopers that Wally lands into, his mishaps and the expressions and antics he does after an "accident" are very very comical. The chemistry between Wally and Carol is spot on and the timing of the comedy is flawless.

One of the scene in the movie shows the crime hour on radio and the various actors playing a drama. I have heard so many old time radio mystery shows in past year, always wondered how the noises in the background were made. Finally got to see how they made.

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