July 8th, 2020


Movie Critique – A Family Affair

Stars: 4 / 5

Recommendation: A 62 minute short movie that gives the viewers every element involved in an American family and the ups and downs the fight and live with. 

A Family Affair is a 1937 American comedy film, the first of the sixteen movies filmed as part of Andy Hardy film series. It is based on the play Skidding by Aurania Rouveroi. The plots in the series revolves around Judge James K. Hardy, his family and his political career; dealing with problems from both sides of his life; living in the fictional town of Carvel.

Judge James K. Hardy faces opposition after he tried to stop the construction of the aqueduct. He also tries to guide his son Andrew "Andy" Hardy (portrayed by Mickey Rooney) and his daughters Marion Hardy (portrayed by Cecilia Parker) and Joan Hardy Martin (played by Julie Haydon). But his political problems start creating problems for him in his personal life and he has no choice but to solve all of them.

This film in general captures the small-time American family dynamics and the ups and down that comes with it; and how the family copes. For this first film the screenplay was written by Kay Van Riper, and the son's role was expanded to showcase Rooney's talent.

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Book Critique – Seduction on a Snowy Night

Stars: 5 / 5

Recommendation: A charming holiday anthology that resonates to the inner Christmas spirit, hidden heart that craves happy endings and tickles the funny bone in yourself to give you few laughs.

Seduction on a Snowy Night is an anthology of some fun loving romantic holiday tales by three authors - Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries and Mary Jo Putney - first published in September of 2019. The book has three novellas set in winter bringing to the readers a blazing love story while in captive, a sudden snow storm coming to a rescue, and a masquerade ball gives experience of exotic dance.

First novella in the anthology is A Christmas Abduction by Madeline Hunter. The story is a sort of charming tale of abduction of Adam Prescott, Baron Thornhill by Caroline Dunham, Lady of Crestview Park, in a misguided notion to help her sister.

Second novella in the anthology is A Perfect Match by Sabrina Jeffries, the first novella in her Duke Dynasty Series. The story is a rescue operation by a gallant soldier, Colonel Lord Heywood Wolfe, to save the virtue of his friend's sister, but accidentally falls in love with her cousin, Miss Cassandra Isles, instead while closed-in during a snowstorm. 

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