July 1st, 2020


Book Critique – Deep Water (Castings Trilogy #2)

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Stars: 4 / 5

Recommendation: Well-written with a balance between ongoing tale and the parallel stories of other characters without missing a step. Keeping readers intrigued to keep going on, keeping the mystique and reality just in equal parts for any kind of reader to enjoy.

Deep Water is the second book in The Castings Trilogy by Pamela Freeman first published in November of 2008. The story continues with Bramble and Ash who reached the Well of Secrets,, while Saker is succeeding in his plan of revenge and the warlord Thegan trying to bring the world back to where he wants. 

A thousand years ago Eleven Domains were invaded and the inhabitants forced to go on road as travellers, and welcome no where. Now these Eleven Domains are rules by the Warlords.

However, larger elements like fire, earth, water and air, that the Warlords cannot control play their part, perhaps may become the end of the Warlords era. Some involved are sprites, fairies, and some are just human. This series covers their stories and how they impact the Warlords rulings.

Bramble, the Kill Reborn; Ash, a safeguarder; and Martine, a stonecaster; all reach the Well of Secrets in Oakmere, in Last Domain at the same time although from different directions and for different reasons. The story begins from there in this book leading the readers from Well of Secrets to starting of a battle of dominance and revenge.

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