June 22nd, 2020


Book Critique – Archangel's War (Guild Hunter #12)

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Stars: 3.5 / 5

Recommendation: Definitely a pick if you like fantasy fiction that is set in a world of vampires, archangels, angels, super humans and humans.

Archangel's War is the twelfth book in the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh released in September of 2019. The story-line of the series continues with Raphael - Archangel ruling North America - and his consort, Elieanora "Elena" Parker Deveraux. The plot is set a year after the events in the previous book Archangel's Prophecy. 

The stories in this series are set in a world where it is ruled by Archangels with Vampires, Angels and Humans with extra-ordinary powers aka GuildHunters as their team serving them. One of the powerful Archangels is Archangel Raphael who rules North America from The Tower in Manhattan, New York along-side his consort – Elieanora "Elena" Deveraux and his Seven. There are nine other Archangels who rule the different regions of the world. They are immortals who have lived thousands and thousands of centuries and rule the world filled with Angels, Vampires, Guild Hunters and Humans. The plots in the series primarily revolve around Archangel Raphael, his consort Elena and his Seven.

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53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #18

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Happy Father's Day, Nanna!!!

Just like how I did for Mother's Day, I thought I would wear something in the color of my dad's favorite for this Father's Day. This is a Robin Blue Georgette saree with matching blouse; Blue being my father's favorite color.

I tried to recreate my dad's picture from a family photo shoot in 2016. The photographer who took my dad's picture is an expert. I was using the remote clicker so my photo is much farther than my dad's. Also Dad's was taken when my book shelves were in the entry room long before my library was finished in the basement. 

The saree I am wearing had been a gift by my childhood friend some 6 years ago. The entire bead, sequin and thread work that is seen all through the saree and blouse is done by her; hand stitched. I would not personally have bought this color if I was shopping cause I presumed that this color would make me look darker. However, my dear friend thought it actually would make me look better. And she was right!! The color flatters me better than I thought it would.

I accessorized it with a pearls and gold long chain, large yellow metal earrings and multi-colored bangles on my wrists. Although you cannot see them, I always wear silver anklets for any Indian outfit. And they were there on my ankles too.

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