June 17th, 2020


Movie Critique – Bowery Boys Movies - Trouble Makers (#12) & Jalopy (Bowery Boys #29)

Stars: 5 / 5

Recommendation: Filled with humor and mystery, turn on to a Bowery Boys movie and I guarantee you that you will get into a better mood immediately.

In a recent book that read, The Island of Love Sequined Nun, the protagonist thought that one of the characters, Vincent, sounded like someone from Bowery Boys movies. At that time I didn’t have any inclination to watch those movies. However, a happenstance on TCM a couple of their movies. Here are my thoughts on them.

The Bowery Boys are fictional characters from New York, portrayed by various actors from a New York company.  A total of forty eight films were released in the series starting with Live Wires in 1946 ending with In The Money in 1958. The Bowery Boys were spin-offs from the The East Side Kids movie series by Monogram Pictures that aired from 1940 thru 1945. Until Jalopy, all the Bowery Boys movies were released under Monogram Pictures. 

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