June 12th, 2020


Book Critique: Love Hard (Hard Play Series #3)

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation:  Another eye candy kind-of plot that not only pleases the primary senses of the readers, but also touches the romantic hearts who want a happy ending, despite the serious family dynamics.

Love Hard is the third book in the Hard Play Series by Nalini Singh published in March of 2020. The primary plot revolves around Jacob "Jake" Esera - the third of the Bishop-Esera clan and a star rugby player - and Juliet "Jules" Nelisi - the "bad girl" reputed classmate of Jake's in high school.

This series focuses on the Bishop-Esera clan that we met in the second book, Rock Hard, in the Rock Kiss Series.  A family that totally revolves around Rugby, love, friendship and above all deep emotional family bonds. We had seen Gabriel "Gabe" Bishop's, the oldest son of the clan, story in that book where he falls in love with Charlotte "Charlie" Baird. However, in Rock Wedding, Nalini Singh mentions that since she hadn't given a proper wedding for Gabe and Charlie, she would create a spin-off on the Bishop-Esera clan leading upto their wedding. With this plot she does give us Gabe and Charlie's wedding. I am still hoping to see all of the Schoolboy Choir Band members again too. Terribly miss them !!

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