June 8th, 2020


Movie Critique – The Woman in Green

Stars: 5 / 5

Recommendation: Books, Movies or Radio shows, Sherlock always entertains us. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has created a character who is more living than any fictional character. And he doesn’t disappoint us in this one as well, with this trusted Watson on his side.

The Woman in Green is a 1945 American film based on characters created by Arthur Conan Doyle. It stars Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson in the key roles. They are supported by Henry Daniell as Professor Moriarty and Matthew Boulton as Inspector Gregson. 

This was the eleventh of the fourteen movies filmed as part of Sherlock Holmes series between 1939 and 1946. The first was The Hound of Baskervilles in 1939 and ended with Dressed to Kill in 1946. The film takes plots from two of Doyle's stories - the 1893 The Final Problem and the 1903 The Adventure of the Empty House.

Young women are being murdered all over London and the bodies discovered have a missing finger. Holmes takes the case that leads Holmes and Watson to a hypnotist, the woman in green, as mentioned in the title. They realize that the hypnotist is working with Holmes nemesis Professor Moriarty.

Recently I have started listening to podcasts of some old time radio shows mainly focused on mystery and noir. One of the episodes they air are from the show The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, originally aired in USA from 1939 to 1950.

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