May 21st, 2020


Television Critique - Frankie Drake Mysteries (Season I)

Stars: 5 / 5

Recommendation: Period Drama + Mystery + History + Romance, Heartbreaks and Betrayals that come along is a recipe that cannot be resisted and thoroughly enjoyed.

Frankie Drake Mysteries is a Canadian mystery drama which premiered on November 6, 2017 on CBC by Shaftesbury Films production company. So far three seasons have been filmed in this series. The whole series is set in 1920s Toronto.

One other Canadian TV show that I like to watch is Murdoch Mysteries starring Yannick Bisson in the titular role with Helene Joy as his love interest and a plethora of characters. I had posted about the first seven seasons of the thirteen seasons filmed so far. Incidentally Shaftesbury Films produces this series as well. Since I love Murdoch Mysteries, I figured the production company would do right by Frankie Drake Mysteries as well. And they did not disappoint me at all.

Frankie Drake is the first female fictional detective in the 1920s Toronto, Canada. Lauren Lee Smith portrays the titular role. Frankie is supported by her crime-solving partner, Trudy Clarke (portrayed by Chantel Riley); Mary Shaw (portrayed by Rebecca Liddiard), a morality police offer with Toronto Police Force; and Flo Chakowitz (portrayed by Sharron Matthews), a pathologist at the Toronto City Morgue.

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