May 16th, 2020


Book Critique - Hell's Corner (The Camel Club #5)

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Stars: 4 / 5

Recommendation:  Another plot well written by Baldacci taking readers into the world of cartels, espionage and warfare. You can still read this as a stand-alone book too.

Hell's Corner in the fifth and final book in The Camel Club Series by David Baldacci, first published in November of 2010.

The Camel Club is a group of people who are primarily political watch-dogs looking for conspiracies in the government and thwarting them to safeguard the country. The original members are Oliver Stone, the leader of the club and ex-member of triple six division of CIA; Reuben Rhodes, a Vietnam Vet; Caleb Shaw, employee of the Library of Congress; and Milton Farb, a child prodigy. Four more members get added to the club as the series progresses - Alex Ford, a Secret Service Agent; Kate Adams, Lawyer at the Department of Justice; Harry Finn, former Navy SEAL; and Annabelle Conroy, a compulsive thief.

Right before Oliver Stone is shipped out on a mission, a bomb goes off in the Lafayette Park in Washington D.C., almost taking out the Prime Minister of United Kingdom. Now he is teamed with Mary Chapman from MI6 to uncover the conspirators behind the bombing. Despite his resistance, Stone reaches out to his Camel Club to delve into the depths of the investigation.

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