May 4th, 2020


Kitchen Fun - Multi-Millets Gunta Ponganaalu / Paniyaram

One of the side-affects we get when undergoing cancer treatments is loss of taste leading to being unable to eat certain foods. For me it was Dosas and Mexica Food. I would throw up even if my mom was making Dosas for my dad or if I was passing by a Mexican Restaurant. My oncologist said that in some patients they never go back to eat those items again. That's why they advise the patients not to eat any food that they love during chemotherapy, lest you hate it for life.

My mom tried varieties of Dosas to see if I could eat. But all those efforts were wasted. But if she used the same batter and made them into idlis or gunta ponganalu I could eat them without qualm. The same batter but different way of cooking perhaps made them edible for me. The traditional way of doing Dosas somehow caused me nausea and hence throwing up.

Now that I am cancer-free and getting back to my life as normal as possible, I am venturing into trying Dosas again, but not Mexican food yet. Although not successful with Dosas either that much, at least I stopped throwing up. I just have an aversion now and nothing more towards Dosas.

However, I am able to eat the Gunta Ponganalu / Paniyaram, made from the same batter. So I started adding twists to the batter, to make them more interesting. Thus, my Multi-Millet Gunta Ponganaalu. 

And now the recipe.


For the Batter:

1) Red Barnyard Millets / Kodi Millets - 1/2 Cup

2) Proso Millets / Varigalu - 1/2 Cup

3) Little Millets / Samalu - 1/2 Cup

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