May 3rd, 2020


Book Critique - The Bourne Retribution (Jason Bourne #11)

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: Lustbader gives us a new version of Bourne in this fantastical spy tale that has retribution written all over it. Despite the twists, thrills and adventures, it felt a pale versio of Ludlum's Bourne. 

The Bourne Retribution is the eleventh book in the spy action thriller series Jason Bourne, written by Eric Van Lustbader, published in December of 2013. The character was originally created by Robert Ludlum, however after his death, Lustbader picked up the character and continued the series. 

Having not read all the books between the fifth book, The Bourne Betrayal, and this one, I had to briefly read the synopsis of all the books in between to get an idea where Jason Bourne had landed in the weaving of various plots that Lustbader had spun for him. This current book begins after the events in the 10th book The Bourne Imperative. 

Jason Bourne is mourning the loss of his friend, Rebeka, a Mossad agent. And now his closest friend, Eli Yadin, Director of Mossad, warns him of his enemies looking for him, making him vulnerable and open to anyone else who might want a piece for himself. Eli suggests to confront them instead. But wherever Bourne goes, he leaves death in his wake, be it of someone he loves or someone he hunts.

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