April 28th, 2020


Book Critique - The Bourne Betrayal (Jason Bourne #5)

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Stars: 5 / 5

Recommendation: A fantastical spy tale taking the readers into the world of terrorists whose fanatic minds are no match for our cursed spy, Jason Bourne, while keeping the readers on the very edge.

The Bourne Betrayal is the fifth book in the spy action thriller series Jason Bourne, written by Eric Van Lustbader, published in June of 2007. The character was originally created by Robert Ludlum, however after his death, Lustbader picked up the character and continued the series. This book picks up three years after The Bourne Legacy plot.

Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Agency (DDCI), Martin Lindros, is kidnapped by the terrorist leader, Fadi, from the Semien mountain range. Despite the animosity, the Director of Central Intelligence Agency (DCI) Kurt "Old Man" asks David Webb to bring forth his alter ego, Jason Bourne, once again to bring back Lindros.

However, Bourne is suffering further loss of memories and flashes of memories that leave him confused. Was Bourne the right choice by DCI? Or is Bourne being played again by unknown and known powers to drag him through perils upon perils? And the biggest of the biggest betrayals to Bourne is yet to come. 

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