April 27th, 2020


Kitchen Fun - Apple Beetroot Carrot Cucumber Juice AKA ABC Juice

One of my daily intake is this Apple Beetroot Carrot Cucumber Juice which I fondly call it as ABC Juice. I take in two options:

A) Juiced - Using a juicer to separate out the pulp

B) Blended - Using a blender to include the pulp.

Juiced is my most common method of making this healthy drink and consuming it. While in the quarantine mode that we are in now, I changed to the Blended version taking in the fiber as well. Only because the Blended option stretches my groceries a few more weeks without me going out for shopping or ordering online for a while. 

During my cancer treatments that I went through between 2017 and 2019, one of the key thing that I needed to ensure was that keep my red blood cell count to the acceptable levels. If not the hospital wouldn’t give me treatment that week and it would get postponed. Not wanting that to happen, my mother found ways to give me nutritious food to keep the blood count up. One of the two juices that I had taken during that time was this ABC Juice along with Pomegranate Juice once or twice a week.

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