April 23rd, 2020


Book Critique - The Bourne Legacy (Jason Bourne #4)

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Stars: 5 / 5

Recommendation: A fantastical spy tale taking the readers into the life of Jason Bourne again, involving a high-end chess game where the pawns are real people who evade dangers at every turn of the page to survive.

The Bourne Legacy is the fourth book in the spy action thriller series Jason Bourne, written by Eric Van Lustbader, published in June of 2004. The character was originally created by Robert Ludlum, however after his death, Lustbader picked up the character and continued the series. This book picks up a few years after The Bourne Ultimatum plot.

David Webb is now settled as a professor in linguistics in Georgetown University with his wife Marie St. Jacques Webb and kids, Jamie & Alison. But someone is trying to kill him again. In pursuing the marksman, David lands into a double murder and becomes the prime suspect. Now the puppeteers are moving him again, and corralling him to the very path they want him to go. And David has no choice but to bring back Jason Borne to life in order to find his marksman as well as outsmart the puppeteers. 

Having not read The Bourne Ultimatum, and knowing the movie is very different from the book, I might have missed some of the character continuation. However it helped that Lustbader brings to the reader's attention what went on in the first three books.

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