April 16th, 2020


53 Week Journey through the Land of Drapes and Colors: Week #10

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For Week 10, I am picking this picture from my India trip a month ago before all this quarantine hoopla picked up. It had been 5 years since I met anyone back home. So my cousins from my mother's side hosted a gathering so I could meet them all at once. I did get to see most of them, some I hadn't seen in more than 10 years.

To this family gathering I wore this orange colored Georgette saree with pale-grey and golden colored embroidery work on the pallu (= the part of the saree hanging over the shoulder) with a gold colored crop top. I paired it with a long pearl necklace and gold pendant, long gold earrings and orange bracelets.

The color is typically called as Kanakambaram in Telugu (= One of the South Indian Languages) and not a true orange. I love this shade a lot. This saree is almost 8 years old and I kept it only because of the color. Again this did not have a blouse and I had in fact taken it to India to get a blouse for it. But by the time the party was in, I hadn't bought the blouses yet. 

I was pleased that in the short time I was in India, I got to meet a lot of my cousins and friends; did some shopping for necessary stuff; had my heart eased after seeing my dad; and above all made that dreaded air trip proving that my immune system was getting better. 

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