April 3rd, 2020


Book Critique - Vendetta Road (Torpedo Ink #3)

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Stars: 3 / 5

Recommendation: Definitely gorier and grittier than the previous series by Christine, yet with strong social elements that will make the reader plow through the plot.  Despite more focus on the erotic part of the story, don’t miss this for more about the characters.

Vendetta Road is the third book in the Torpedo Ink Series by Christine Feehan published in January of 2020. The central plot revolves around Isaak "Ice" Koval - Secretary for Torpedo Ink Motorcycle Club - and Soleil Bordeur - a rich lonely woman who has a past that she is running from. The plot picks up from where Vengeance Road ended.

Torpedo Ink is the third series in the Sea Haven Novels – first set The Drake Sisters series and second set the Sisters of the Heart series - with stories revolving around the members of Torpedo Ink Motorcycle Club. The club consists of 18 men and women who had survived the most brutal training schools in Russia. They form a family under the leadership of Victor "Czar" Prakenskii and, finally finding freedom on the road belonging to their club. After years of doing undercover work to hunt the most cruel criminals, they find the town of Sea Haven where they settle and build for the first time a home for themselves, despite the enemies they still have to fight.

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