February 22nd, 2020


Book Critique - Presumed Innocent (Kindle County #1)

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Stars: 5 / 5

Recommendation: A stunning crime thriller with hints of psychology of human mind and the devious direction it takes when played upon by emotions and moral values. 

Presumed Innocent is a legal thriller by Scott Turow, the first book in his Kindle County series, published in August of 1987. It is told as a first person narration by the lead character Rozat "Rusty" Sabich, about a prosecutor charged with murder of his colleague.

The novel had been made into a movie in 1990, three years after it was published, titled the same as the book, starring Harrison Ford as the protagonist, Rozat "Rusty" Sabich. In fact the producers bought the rights of the book even before it was published. After watching the movie, there was no doubt that that would have had happened. I was impressed by the twisting tale it depicted. So at a local library sale when I came across the book, I figured why not read the book as well. So, here's my take on the book that was the basis for the movie which I liked very much.

Carolyn Polhemus, a prosecutor at the District Attorney Raymond Horgan's office, is raped and murdered. Rusty Sabich, Raymond's right-hand man, is given the case to investigate. Little does he know that he would be digging his own grave by the time the case is solved.

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